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The insidious disease lies dormant in everyone. Every host is a ticking time bomb.

Rye Thorburn battles the murderous illness every night, and now he must decide if he’s willing to risk everything to uncover the chilling truth behind it.

Hello Darkness is a grim, fast-paced speculative fiction thriller, set in the near-future where a mysterious neurological disorder is awakening within the populace and leading to terrifying consequences. In the face of this unprecedented threat, society has become an enclave of autocratic leaders, invasive high-tech security, corporate propaganda, and a weary populace sick with fear and suspicion. There are no answers, no cure, and seemingly no hope.

However, all is not what it seems. Rye and his colleague Kate Mbachi become entangled in a conspiracy that involves renowned researcher Dr Edde Albrecht and the political and corporate forces that profit from misery. Can Rye and Kate can expose the terrifying truth about the disease, before all is lost?

Readers who love Cormac McCarthy, Chuck Wendig and Emily St. John Mandel will be swept away by this thrilling new dystopian novel.

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Minds are the real estate of the 21st century.

Chuck D

Hello Darkness art_edited_edited.jpg
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